CPD Events

Current CPD & Training Opportunities

I offer training opportunities throughout the year with workshops that are designed to provoke, engage and ultimately be practical in their contribution to practice.

You can expect an experiential, nature-based approach to the teaching, where discussion, practice, and theory are all delivered, where possible, in an outdoor setting.  During the winter months or if raining, workshops (with the exception of ‘Therapy Whilst Walking’) will be held indoors.

Workshops & Events for 2019/2020

Date: See Calendar  Cost: £60/person     For: Qualified Counsellors & L4 Trainees   CPD: 5.5 hours

A popular workshop that has been designed for qualified Counsellors who are interested in providing a ‘Walking Therapy’ service to their clients.

We will look at the psychological and therapeutic benefits of working outdoors, as well as focusing on the practical and business implications of working outdoors.

As part of the work will venture out and take a walk either along the canal in Hythe, or up towards the seafront, so you will need to bring your walking shoes and depending on the time of year, warm clothes!

Date: See Calendar     Cost: £40/person         For: Qualified / Trainee Counsellors    CPD: 4 hours

Existential Counselling draws upon ideas from the philosophy that shares the same name (funnily enough!) It offers a philosophical framework for understanding human motivation, growth and the inevitable sense of ‘stuckness’ that we all experience as human beings.

Not so much a structured, prescriptive model, the approach instead draws from several fundamental beliefs which we explore. This brief introduction will look at how this can be applied in practice and what some of these ideas may mean in terms of your work.

Date: See Calendar      Cost: £40/person         For: Qualified / Trainee Counsellors       CPD: 4 hours

This workshop provides an opportunity to reflect on the similarities between Counselling and Learning theory. It will explore the ways in which an awareness of learning theory, including learning preferences (styles), can be used to better adapt to the individuality of our clients.

We will learn about theory, explore the ways in which the theory might apply in practice and contextualise the ideas for the various different models of Counselling so that it suits our own style of working.

Date: See Calendar  Cost: £40/person (min group of 4)     For: L3/L4 Trainees   CPD: 6 hours

A workshop designed to support students studying for their Counselling qualification (up to level 4).

We will cover the fundamental elements that are required to not only survive but to truly make the most of your training experience!

Subjects covered include:

  • Writing reflective journals at depth
  • Structuring your assignments
  • Understanding criteria and instructional working (explain, describe, evaluate, etc.)
  • Referencing (why, how and when)
  • Understanding, engaging in and making the most of process group (aka Experiential group)

The Comfy Chair

A three-night residential experience for Trainee and Qualified Counsellors.

  • A community based, experiential learning residential, designed for trainee and newly qualified Counsellors.
  • Designed and hosted by a Senior Accredited Counsellor and experienced Counsellor Trainer
  • Set in a beautiful outdoor setting, with a communal fire pit, BBQ hut, and large indoor learning space.

Visit the Comfy Chair website for more information